Part-Time Warehouse Supervisor

UPS Canada - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Supervises and Develops Others

  • Determines employees’ training needs to produce continuous development plans.
  • Provides on-going feedback and support to improve performance.
  • Conducts performance evaluations in a consistent, fair, and objective manner to encourage continuous performance improvement.
  • Holds others accountable to established performance levels to achieve individual and group goals.
  • Resolves individual and group performance issues in accordance with UPS’s policies and procedures in a timely manner to motivate and foster teamwork.

Plans Preload Operations

  • Participates in the development and implementation of work process plans to maximize preload proficiency and achieve business results.
  • Reviews and analyzes work group processes to troubleshoot service inefficiencies, modify work plans and/or behaviors, and improve performance.
  • Conducts end of shift activities (e.g., equipment post trips documented, timecards processed, next day work plan communicated, etc.) to confirm completion of all work processes and provide communication to the Business Manager or On Road Supervisor.

Supports Collaborative Work Environment

  • Communicates and presents operational objectives, changes, and updates to ensure a well-informed and focused workgroup.
  • Provides communication and training to employees to share updates on new services and procedural changes.
  • Evaluates employee relations/morale issues to identify areas of concern before they negatively impact performance and service.

Generates Operations Performance Reports

  • Reviews previous day’s reports (e.g., time and labor, data on pieces per hour, stops per on road hour, misroutes, etc.) to determine acceptable levels of performance and make changes to current operations.
  • Reviews and analyzes Industrial Engineering and Package Operations reports (e.g., inbound load forecasting and late air, excess a.m., and missed package, etc.) to resolve problems.
  • Checks trailer forecasting system to estimate expected shipment volume and schedule proper staffing levels.
  • Completes preload operations report to document the percent effective rate on planned versus actual performance.
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